We love the creativity you show us on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook using the hashtag #mavivi and #mavivihome. That's why we ask you for permission to share your photos on our website, our social media pages, in e-mail marketing as well as within marketing activities on social networks and Google with reference to your user name.

If you agree to this use with #mavivimyhome, you agree to the following conditions:


  • You give mavivi UG the permission to publish pictures marked with #mavivimyhome on mavivi.com. This agreement grants a nonexclusive, royalty-free license.
  • mavivi UG will at no time claim ownership rights to these photos and only receive the right to use these photos for marketing purposes on mavivi.com, in social media, on Google or in e-mail marketing.
  • In summary, this means that all image rights remain with you, all persons depicted in the photos agree to the use of your photos by mavivi UG and agree that mavivi UG does not violate the rights of third parties or other applicable law.

Become part of the MAVIVI community and share inspirations with our pieces in your home under the hashtag #mavivi or tag/mention us with @mavivi.home. We are really excited to see all of your great ideas!

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