We believe that your home should be the most comfortable place in the world. That's why we're not about minimalism or maximalism, not about the newest trends and must-haves. We believe that you only need what you want. And when it comes to your home, you should only surround yourself with things that make you feel good, things that reflect your taste and your personality, things that fit into your unique life.

Our homes say a lot about us and we're here to help you tell your story. With limited interior design for unique living that fits your personality and style. Designed and produced in Europe in a fair, conscious, and sustainable way.

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Bia - founder & CEO MAVIVI

Bia (she/-/they)
Founder & CEO

Our founder has a great passion for eclectic interior and old buildings. She’s currently living in and renovating an apartment in an old steel warehouse that used to be an office before.

Their interior style: muted eclectic with a mix of DIYs, upcycling projects, second hand treasures and unique and artsy pieces.

The typical Jack of all Trades which comes in handy while building a company and working for marketing, sales, product development and logistics.

Alaska (she/her)
Social Media Assistan

Alaska - social media assistant MAVIVI

She shares many passions in different creative fields like pottery, painting and photography. She also always had an interest in interior. Living in her apartment in Friedrichshain in Berlin gave her the space to create her own little home.

Best description of her interior style would be minimalistic and highly influenced by the new up and rising japandi style.

Since July 2022 Alaska has been supporting MAVIVI in everything to do with social media management and content creation.

Rulez - Bia's dog and one of MAVIVI's feel good managersSalty - Alaska's dog and part of MAVIVI's feel good management

Rulez & Salty
Feel Good Management

Our partners in crime. Experienced office dogs with impressive CVs.

Their interior style: comfy & cozy with a lot of hidden treats.

In charge for the wellbeing in both Berlin and Zirndorf they lift the spirits and remind us to take a little break from time to time.