We decided to limit all our our products to 2.857 pieces.

Not only does that give us the chance to create new pieces on a regular basis without having to stick to seasonal changes (and therefore the need to sort out things when the seasons change), together with our mostly on-demand production it is also a way to avoid overproduction.

And last but not least we love the idea of uniqueness and things that are truly special, which is why a lot of our pieces are not only limited but also one of a kind.

But why exactly 2.857?

That's how long the Danube is - the river that flows through the most countries in the world (including our founder's home country of Hungary), connecting various people and cultures. With a length of 2.857 km it's the second-longest river in Europe.

Why is this so important for our brand? Because it's our home, our heritage and inspiration.

We did not only decide to limit our products to the number of km the Danube has but also name our products after places along the Danube. This way you're bringing a truly unique little piece of that journey into your own home.